Bug or Feature? Bug to me lol .. scrolling right click menu??

Ok I'm all for scrolling menus when they won't fit on the screen, makes life easier for sure, but ....

Is there a purpose to this scrolling when you're at the very bottom of the Overview pane and right clicking a component? It's a pain in my arse is what it is, an extra step every time I need to do something with anything at the bottom. It doesn't happen any other time so far, only at the bottom and the kicker is .... there's a ton of room right above and to the right, the entire app is open ... I'm on a huge screen not a phone lol. So ...

Can we get someone to check on this? It's kind of goofy that it's doing this there. It's not always the exact bottom item on the view either, sometimes it's a couple above it and the bottom one will open up fully.

Personally I see no need for a scrolling window there at all as it's on the bottom part of the window and there's so much room for it to go up with and there aren't all that many choices on the window even at this time to warrant having to scroll through them. Just my opinion there of course, but I can't possibly be the only one that is frustrated with this extra step of having to constantly scroll that little tiny window. :)

P.S. This definitely didn't happen before the last updates.

This must be something in 5.x. I don't see what you're talking about, but I'm still using 4.x

Well that would be why since I did say it wasn't in the last version :P

Just upgrade already LOL :P

Soon. I'm in the midst of 2 sites and teaching someone to use BSS and they're still on 4.x (can't trust them to upgrade unless I'm at their computer with them.) Long story.

Ahh yes, say no more ... wish they would make the upgrades to major versions separate entities, then you could have all versions installed for this purpose. I have a couple clients on the app as well, but fortunately for me, they upgrade when I tell them it's available and give them step by steps to do it lol. Also, they really should get used to upgrading because it will update here and there anyways and they should always do so and get used to looking for new features. My motto on that is ... if you're planning to do your own updates, then you need to take responsibility for the software you need and keeping it up to date. I alert them of updates, if it's a major one (like it was for 3 to 4) I give them steps to do, but basic ones I just alert them there is one, it's up to them to do the update or not.

Teaching is a different ballgame, but still it would be good to get them up to speed with the newer technology. After all, it's not like they have to pay for the upgrades so it's in their best interest, and yours, to keep it up to date. :)

Thank you for reporting this! Would it be possible send us a screenshot? Context menus can be tricky to screenshot because they disappear on click, but if you set the screenshot tool with a delay of a few seconds it can be done.

Screenshots sent. No worries it was actually pretty simple because the right click menus are not mouse sensitive, but click sensitive so they even stayed open so I could just screenshot specific dimensions, gotta love Mac :P I like that feature actually! Hope it's not a bug lol.

Just bumping this up as it's still a horrible thing to deal with and hopefully will get some love soon.

Strange, I am pretty sure we fixed this bug a while back. It doesn't seem to happen when I test in 5.4.0. Is this on the detached editor panel?

This is in the Overview pane only so far. I had sent you screenshots but here are some more. Detached window doesn't affect the scroller, but ... the little popup will sometimes go to the bottom corner of my other screen which is odd, and the scroller happens when it does that too.

I am on Mac version, am on High Sierra OS.

Here's screenshots that I just took:

Oddball behavior that it almost never happens when I click the very last selection that is viewable on the pane (not the last one in the list, just the last viewable one):

Here I selected a component a few lines up the tree, and then it happens. Happens always, just not always in the same spots, sometimes it starts a little lower in the tree too, just hardly ever the last one: