Bug Tracker?

Hi Devs,

When we are gonna have a bug tracker to control the application bugs effectively?


Need to bump this, seriously.


Although a bug tracker would be nice, I think what would be even better is if people were to check to make sure what they are reporting is actually a bug. Sometimes it's just that things don't work as we expect them too and people report them as bugs before they really know for sure that it is. THAT would help the devs a lot more if they didn't have to wade through the myriad of posts from people posting then realizing after 5 minutes that they were wrong or fixed it, or worked out how to it actually worked in the app, or someone explained how it worked etc. (myself included haha).

I'm as guilty as the next person on this as sometimes I find an issue in my project that I thought was a bug and it's actually something wrong with my project lol.