Bug with classes when duplicating?

Idk if its a bug, but i havent had a problem like this before, but i implemented footer basic from the panel and wanted to duplicate with shortcut list item element(twice) and the orginal 3 list items got me-4 class, but after duplicating i saw that something is up with the layout and i did notice that by duplicating, it didnt duplicate with those classes, I never ever had any problems like this before moving to 6.0.2, anybody had similiar problems?

Thanks for reporting. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce it. Could you give us a bit more info? Which list item did you duplicate? (the last list item doesn’t have the me-4 class as it is not needed) Did you only duplicate one item? Did you use the Ctrl + D shortcut or a context menu?

Thanks Gabby for telling me that the last one doesn’t contains the me-4 class, I didn’t notice it(i usually duplicate the 1st element), my bad.

Could you guys fix the performance issue with opening icons(Bootstrap Icons)? When I’m opening or searching Bootstrap Icons my cpu usage jumps to over 50%+ and the ram jumps a lil bit too not that high, but there’s defo a problem with performance when it comes to Bootstrap Icons, rest of icons 0 problems with performance, only Bootstrap ones makes my cpu go for over 50%+ for like 5-10 secs then it drops to almost 0.3% of cpu usage, its really annoying cause I would like to use Bootstrap Icons, but the performance issue is making me going crazy to how annoying it is actually. I reported it on the forum before, but after latest update I didn’t notice any fixes due to this performance issue, so I have hope that in the next updates we will get the fix for those icons. It’s also really interesting issue tbh and I’m curious why does it happens.

I tried to reproduce this issue, but could not. BSS icons seem to work the same as any of the other ones on my system.

There was no problem in older versions since bs icons have been added, since I did update from version 5.8.6 i guess? I dont even remember, but the problem happens only with bootstrap icons the searching is so laggy and slow, my cpu goes 50%+ ram is jumpin a lil bit like not alot, but its mostly about cpu, rest of icons and searching them works well, but i noticed a huge performance issues since version 6 of bss id say, idk what did happen and the problem with bs icons happens no mater what, if its new project or bigger one, as soon as im opening icons in bss it lags out cause bootstrap icons are default icons for bss and to lose the lag i have switch to font awesome or sum, but the performance problem happens only if i have selected bs icons in the select menu.

I’m on Windows 10 and u guys are on macs right?

Idk, but I would like Martin or Gabby to check if something is wrong maybe theres some loop in the code repeating some function idk, but its annoying. Overall Ive noticed huge difference in the performance since last updates.

If you haven’t done so recently, can you try resetting your copy of Bootstrap Studio by deleting the bstudio folder? Often this is the reason behind performance problems that start after an update.

Bootstrap has a lot of SVG icons, and displaying them all will be CPU intensive on any computer. We will be optimizing this in our next updates.