Bugs or Problems in Exporting Bootstrap HTML for Lightbox feature

I tried to export my Bootstrap studio file and before I got a chance to add any of my own code, my paragraph descriptions for all of my Lightbox features were turned into live links rather than plain text, and seemingly randomly, links to some of my other pages. This was not happening at all before I exported into sublime text.

I can see that its something happening in the bootstrap code for their lightbox feature - but even after I convert these elements into HTML, I cannot find his wrap that makes this text a link because I assume it is part of their locked code via their linked sources. Being a beginner, I have no idea how to change this.

I think the recommended way the Lightbox that Bootstrap studio uses is to use the data- attribute data-title on the link to show a caption.


If you are adding something else such as a paragraph below or overlay (absolute) then we probably would need to see some code like a project file or if you could publish it to one of your (5) free website slots to see we could look at that.

I did not see a problem exporting when I added the lightbox component with a caption.