Building a UI in Bootstrap Studio and then developing in PyCharm


I am developing the UI for my application in Bootstrap Studio. I then plan to do develop the full application in PyCharm. How would I move the UI from Bootstrap Studio to PyCharm? Is there a standard process for this?

What do you mean ?

Pycharm is a python IDE, so you are asking how to use html as an UI for python script ?

Hi masmel, 1. I have a UI prototype in Bootstrap Studio. This UI is pretty much final. 2. I want to build the actual application in PyCharm. 3. Does Bootstrap Studio have a standard process for such a situation? For example, Bootstrap Studio has a way to export HTML. Is it OK to commence the application build in PyCharm using the export from Bootstrap Studio? Or should I start everything from scratch in PyCharm (or any other IDE)? What is the recommended best practice from the Bootstrap Studio perspective for building an application in an IDE using a UI built in Bootstrap Studiot?

Once you export from BSS you can do what you like with your code but.... you won’t be able to then re import back into BSS as it will think it’s custom code and you lose all drag and drop ability.

So if all you are requiring is to swap out some bits of code once happy with your design then you are good too go ?

Hi @jmolson Are you still working on the same subject? I am doing the same with success; how I do, I make a single project root directory for both bootstrap and pycharm projects and within this root dir a cgi-bin sub directory for python and php ( in case phpstorm ) files, and a httpdocs sub directory for all bss files. This way I make bss and pycharm projects close but fully separated. With a simple index.html in the project root directory I forward incoming requests to bss' index file in httpdocs sub directory. I use pycharm's upload feature for all bss and pycharm files. Regards, Murat.