button disabled - bootstrap studio

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I got this line ".btn:not(:disabled):not(.disabled) " in style panel. How to replace with the class name created?

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Any idea?

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have the same issue. anyone?

In the OP the line states that for an element that is not disabled (in this instance a button) display the pointer cursor when you mouse over the button. If the button is "disabled", when you mouse over the button it will not change the cursor to the pointer.

The Bootstrap CSS file is locked and you can not edit it. You have to override it in your own custom CSS file. To do so you select the button. Then click the STYLES pane (bottom/middle/right). This will display all the CSS rules that apply to the current state of the button. The rules that are highlighted in Blue are the currently applied rule of any series of rules. Find the rule you would like to override, then to the right of that rule select the triple dot menu and select copy to /styles.css or New stylesheet or if you have another named stylesheet you want to use. This will duplicate that rule in the STYLES pane right above the Bootstrap locked rule. you can then edit your version of the rule to how you see fit.