Button in background image

Hi! Is there a way to put a button or two anywhere in a background image ?


What have you tried?

Hi! thanks for your prompt reply I want to achieve something like that : enter image description here

enter link description here

or like that : enter link description here

Hi anx

to achieve what you want I would:

1) drag a jumbotron component into your design 2) drag a button into said jumbotron 3) copy the default jumbotron css into your own custom css 4) import your backgrounds image and reference this in your custom css file.

Alternatively there are some user built components called “hero” in the user components library that you could down load which does all of the above for you ?

You can also create yourself a row/column/div and put your content in it (buttons, text, etc.) and just add a background image to the row or column.