Button with text and image

I’m creating a website and need to style the button to have text that is left-aligned and an image that is to the right of the text. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it to “work”.

Here is a screenshot of the button on the page currently:

This is what I need it to look like with the arrow to the right of the text, it’s currently a .png image that’s saved.

And this is the current code that I have. I added an image and it only will show on the left side of the text.

Thanks for any help!

Drag the image onto the button and place it just after the text. Give the image a utility class of say ms-2 or ms-3


oh gosh - that worked. thank you! i’m not sure why it wouldn’t let me do that before :woman_facepalming:t3:

I often do this using icons, which saves the time of having to create/import a graphic.


That’s a good idea as well. Thank you :slight_smile: