Buttons to get to top and bottom of site pages

Ok I don’t know if this is just me, but sometimes my page is wider than the area I have open for it (I like to have all my sidebars open for use, not real wide, but open enough to use all features. Of course I then open a page that’s a mile long that I have to get to the footer on. Once again, many times my Overview tree is open quite a bit so the footer isn’t always available on the screen either.

Would really love to have some way (buttons say at the top to the left of the website page/screen size chooser would be great. Hopefully it’s not a weird request lol. I just constantly find myself having to either widen my sidebars to get to the scrollbars (which are still to narrow in my opinion, both vertical and horizontal) or having to scroll down my overview tree to get to it. Either way I’m scrolling somewhere or moving something to get to the top and bottom. Any help here would be appreciated.

In the HTML panel you have a search box and you can search for any component on your page. Just write footer and click and you are at the bottom of your page

That helps a bit, but again it depends on how many references to the top or bottom you’re looking to get to there are. In this site I’m on there are references in the head, body and after footer JS files. A single click button would be simpler than having to stop and type and then hit enter x number of times to get there.

here is your button lol
click somewhere in the page and press Command + Right Arrow on mac or End on windows and you are at the bottom. If you want go to the top press Command + Left Arrow on mac or Home on windows

Hmm, must be something wrong with my keyboard setup. It’s not doing that for me,it spuratically jumps up to the next component or down, then stops doing anything, and sometimes it jumps from component to component to the end or start, but not always. Not sure what the deal is, but I have a cordless mouse and keyboard setup that is shared between 3 computers. Could be something in the software messing me up. Just went through the settings for it and can’t find anything that looks like it would be interfering with this, but …

Oh well, if those things are supposed to work then I will have to find out why they don’t work for me as that last suggestion would be perfect. Thanks! As usual Kuli, you are on the ball! :slight_smile:

That Big Sur seems like it might be the cause of a lot of your issues of late. Maybe Apple should have named it “Bug Sur?” :yum: