Cache Issue with asset versions?

I published my website via SFTP & I realized I had made an error in my JS for a file path. I’ve updated my JS and published it, but I’m still getting served the old file. I suspect it’s cached, but with DevTools open and doing a hard reload/empty cache hard reload I’m still getting served the old JS file. Additionally, I have version assets turned on in export settings.

I have had other people visit the site and the correct asset loads, but not for me or the website owner. I’ve tried multiple browsers, all chrome based same issue. I have also checked CPanel and inspected the js to be sure it updated the file, which it has.

Everything works as it should via preview, a bss published website, and a few other people via the website. I’m trying to avoid having similar issues in the future for their customers if I ever have to make changes. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Never mind I guess, it seems to be working now, just don’t know whhy :sweat_smile:

When you republish with version assets it will add a random string to the url of the js file (as well as image and css),

So in index.html you would have a link something like:

<script src="assets/js/script.min.js?h=a797d57709eb33392a19e3e6c53fe317">

If you reupload your html files they will have a new random string attached.