CAD model integration


I am hoping to intergrater a CAD model on a webpage, ideally in some sort of pop-up/lightbox similar to below… (click 3D view at bottom right of image)

I have access to the 3D CAD files in Solidworks etc and can export/save as in a variaty of formats.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


First, you’re posting in the the wrong place. This category is for help with using the Bootstrap Studio program, not creating custom 3D animations. This post belongs in the Webdesign category

I can tell you this much… that sort of animated, three-dimensional interactivity is WAY beyond anything that is built into the visual tools or simple animation features included with the Bootstrap Studio software. You’re looking at professional, custom-written javascript animation, or the use of third-party software like this GSAP - GreenSock

Ok, I frased this incorrectly, I have exported a 3D model from Soildworks/eDrawings to a .html file as per here (3:05 mins in)…

I was hoping to insert that .html file in a lightbox pop up, it seems the way to do this is in an iframe, but can’t figure out how to get it to work…

Something like this

Many thanks, looks just like what I was looking for,

I’ll give it a go…

Seriously, @kuligaposten could you possibly :pray: consider revamping your 24 delete hr policy to 48 (or better still, 72 hrs?) I understand your reasoning (you explained in it a PM), but there are weeks when I get so busy I just cannot get caught up on the forums every day, and I REALLY miss seeing your examples/work :cry:.

(I was particularly interested in this post, because I was hoping perhaps the GSAP suggestion would yield some fruit, but I’m more interested now in what you posted!)


Could you please repost the example? I just joined this community. I wasn’t around when you posted it, and apparently, there is an expiration duration on attachments(?)

Thank you