Can I put in a link target when making a link from a paragraph component?

When I use the paragraph component for a paragraph of text and select a few words to create a hyperlink using the link icon from the top row, is there a setting I'm missing for allowing the selection of a target, such as "_blank"? I can't see one in either the window that comes up to make the link (HREF) or in the sidebar. Thank you in advance and I am sorry if this has been answered before. I've read for a while based on different searches and couldn't find an answer.

Select the link component and in the right hand tool bar you can specify if you want link to open new window or stay in same ?

I'm not actually able to select the link in the toolbar, only its parent. Any idea on what's happening?enter image description here

And while we're at it, any idea why my Dropbox-hosted screenshot isn't displaying above??? It's publicly available on DB.

I select the text I want to turn to a link, then add the link via the little toolbar at the top of the interface. The link works, but it doesn't show up in the Overview panel (only the paragraph does), so therefore I'm not able to select it. What am I doing wrong?

enter image description here

Although you "can" add links that way, you won't find any control over them at all, barely even able to edit them. They don't show up in the Options panel at all, it's just all read as text, not links.

In order to add a link and have more control over it you will need to drag a link component into your paragraph instead of converting text to a link. Then type your text into the link and set it up like a normal link same as you would any other link, but this way the options panel has all the settings for it. You can drag a link into pretty much anything so it works pretty nicely.

Ah, ok. Thanks, Jo. Seems a bit clumsy, as I then have to slice up my text and paste it around the link, but at least there's a way now. :)

Apologies gray scale, when I posted my solution I thought you had dragged in a link component as that’s what I do. Glad you are sorted now

No worries Chris, that's how I read it at first too lol.

Greyscale, I too wish we had true setups for some of these little things as well. We work around them pretty good, but .... There definitely should be setups for links when something within a paragraph is set to one. Post it on the Ideas forum, I'll definitely +1 it and I am pretty sure we asked about this over a year ago as well.

Will do, Jo. We cant be the only ones who want an easy way to "linkify" a word or two within a paragraph!

Just posted about this in the Ideas forum :)

Just plus 1'd it :)