Can I switch to EMs or REMs instead of Pixels?

I'm evaluating the software after purchasing it and noticing the only form of measurement appears to be Pixels. I prefer to work with EMs and REMs for their relative / responsive benefit. Does the software support this? If so, how do I switch it to this?

Tags: px, psx, em, ems, rem, rems, vh, vw

Yes, the software handles it great.

If you want a div with 100vh for example, drag a DIV component in and then go to the "Look & Feel" menu, top right and enter 100vh in the "Height" tab.

If you want to change a paragraph to 2rem, again, go to the "Look & Feel" menu and enter 2rem in the "Font Size" tab

I already asked the dev to switch to rem or at least make evident that you could use rem, em and viewport related measures, but no luck. Luckily you can use all of those

To build on what Windy said, you can also type them into the CSS window to use them as well. I'm still a semi coder at heart here so I'm having a lot of trouble getting myself to us the nice fancy tools they keep adding lol.

Also, when you're using those fancy tools to add CSS or style anything, be sure to tell it to use a class or create a class and what file you want it in so that it doesn't put all your styles to inline styling.

Thanks everyone. I didn't realize it accepted changing the measurement right in the input. That's great.