Can I....?

I am a React developer, and it seems that your tool would significantly speed up my workflow. Some of the following questions may be answered somewhere in your forum, but I wan't able to find them. Apologies if you have already provided answers.

  1. Since your app generates standard HTML, CSS and JS, I should have no problems cutting & pasting into my React Components.

  2. As you are aware, the only place that Bootstrap is a bit lacking is in "out of the box" styling. Truth be told, it is better as it is, since any strong styling would likely upset more people than it pleased. That being said, can I import HTML into your app? For example, has some beautiful "blocks" right out of the box, but those blocks are very limited in terms of layout (columns, etc). In a perfect world, I would love to create a "style" in mobirise, composed of a series of blocks, and import the HTML, CSS & JS files into Bootstrap Studio to enhance the design .. then cut & paste into React. Is this possible?

  3. Do you have a fixed header, fixed height table with scrolling? I was playing with the online demo, but wasn't able to achieve this.

Looking forward to your responses, and ready to buy!!


Hi Richard,

The app should be able to do most of what you are asking but, one thing to bare in mind is that if you import HTML from a 3rd party source it with be generated in a custom code component which simply put means you cannot drag and drop elements - you just get option to edit the code manually.

It really is a great tool and well worth the investment

You might find it more helpful to recreate what you are getting from Mobirise. Since you can grab the code for the components you're wanting, you should be able to recreate them pretty easily in BSS. When you get the code from Mobirise it should give you any file resources you need such as CSS and JS which you can either incorporate into your own CSS and JS or you can import those files directly. The only thing you'd really need to construct then would be the component's structure itself. Shouldn't be too difficult I wouldn't think. This way you would also have the benefit of being able to edit the components with the Drag and Drop capabilities in BSS as well as the Options pane which would be enabled as well.

Just a thought, and might not only be interesting and fun, but a good learning experience as well (should you need that at all that is) :)

NOTE: Having done all this, you would then be able to save that component to your library and reuse it any time you like on any project you like. Create it once and forget about it. Win Win situation if you ask me :)

I should also point out that REACT is not a supported framework within the app, but as you said there's nothing stopping you prototyping my , exporting and then adding your react code as and where needed.

What about the fixed header table? Not a deal-breaker, tho. I'm in either way.

I thought I could edit the generated HTML.

Let's say I generate a column using drag & drop in BSS. Can I not insert my own HTML (from elsewhere) into a new, inner div and still maintain drag & drop capability?

<div col-md-4>
// I stick my stuff here...

Not if you want to use drag and drop all of the time.

The app has a plethora of components to use out of the box so you can quicky mock a page up with ease and then apply your own styling and class names.

And you can add your own divs and your own class names.

But the moment you try and insert code from a 3rd party you will have to convert the component to HTML and it becomes manual code updating and no drag and drop.

I should also say you CAN drag a block of custom code around, but if you had a custom code block and wanted to drag say a link or a paragraph into your custom block you can't.

Does that make sense?

I would also add that there are a good number of things that are actually easier to deal with in custom code than in BSS default. I use external scripts for navigation and I add them as custom code and it's a whole lot easier to mess with them manually than it would be to deal with each link separately in the Options panel lol. So there are some things like this, when there's a lot of editing involved often, where it's actually more beneficial to use a Custom Code block. Doesn't mean you can't manipulate it at all, just can't drag and drop to it. You can edit it to your hearts content same as any other editor though so it's all good. :) I just wouldn't recommend importing all of the site components this way since you may as well just use Brackets or something then as you wouldn't really get the benefit of the drag and drop that way for adding new things and editing them. :)

Thanks, all!