Can one make and use templates

Will Bootstrap Studio create and use templates for pages?

Yes, they already build page templates and component and users can share in an online library.

I too will be looking to built and share my owns designs soon at component level and page template level

Actually I realized that my question was not well worded. I meant templates in the manner that Dreamweaver can make site templates. It was then that it dawned on me that a page, once designed in BS could be brought into Dreamweaver and a template could then be created for that website. I am looking forward to giving BS a good inaugural run. It seems to have been developed so as to function the way Dreamweaver does...and that is good! I thank you for your reply, Chris.

Unless you have a specific need for templates, such as creating CMS sections for clients, you should be able to use the Link Components feature for most of what templates are used for in DW. There are lots of reasons people use them, but just in case it was for the sake of making linked headers/sidebars/footers/content areas such as creating libraries in DW, then the Linked Components will do that for you in BSS so you won't need to edit after export.

I do have certain needs that are better met by the Dreamweaver templates. This in no way lessens the uses I will have for this product as well.

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@williamsimmons who are you talking to? No one here posted any links so how would you have any clue how anyone's site here looks? Is that some derogatory way of spamming a link for advertising? If so pretty sneaky, if not then enlighten us what you're talking about if you would please.

I think williamsimmons is talking about the website, its made with wordpress, the impression some people have looking at that website are close to " well done, so I can made a website like that with bootstrap studio, awesome" and he realized that after licence purchase as well i did ahahahahhahahaha