Can the default Dark Theme of the BS app itself be changed?

Hi everyone!

I managed to scrounge and save to purchase the lifetime deal. Launched it. And am now staring at a pitch black window.

I’d like to convey to the developers that not everyone who purchases this wonderful software uses it on a 3 foot Retina(r) monitor. And some of us just prefer a bright, cheery UI instead of “I’m BatMan” Gotham darkness.

Is there any way for the likes of me to change the dark, dreary UI to something brighter?

If yes, could anyone please guide me how to make that change?
If no, could the developers please take my request to add such a ‘feature’?


  1. There is currently no light UI option for Bootstrap Studio

  2. There is a browser demo on the website’s home page so you can try the program before you buy, but I can understand how you might not have been able to tell solely from the demo that there were no options to change the color of the UI.

  3. Before purchasing, a simple search in the BSS Forum for “UI color” would have revealed a topic (by yours truly) already discussing the lack of this feature, and the response from the developers that they are planning to add it in the coming months (I can understand, not everyone researches program features, or lackthereof, before buying.)

  4. You could have written the developers to ask if the program’s UI was customizable. I wrote and asked them a few questions about the software before I bought it.

  5. If you contact the developers and tell them you cannot stand working in “Gotham darkness”, I’m pretty sure they’ll refund your money.

  1. Thank you, printninja, for taking the effort as well as responding with alacrity.

    1. is the crux of the matter – TL;DR of your reply is: “en oh NO!
  2. Pardon me and other fools who are disturbing the life of the almighty developers by shoving money into their faces – I’m sure if it were up to them, a lot of us might have been flogged.

How dare we not sniff around the corners, snoop around forums we didn’t know the existence of, researching about problems which have arisen because the developers couldn’t give a flying fig for people who pay them money – whom the rest of the world recognises as “C-u-s-t-o-m-e-r-s” – because the developers are the Chuck Norrises of software who set the standards of acceptable User Interface and User Experience.

  1. You, sir, are too generous with your advice ref. 4. I beg forgiveness for having impinged on your and the developers’ exalted existence. Stupid people like me shouldn’t even be allowed access to a computer, no?

  2. “Refund” – the panacea to any kind of feedback which isn’t fawning over the celebrity developers, fan-boi’ing over this wondrous creation which they’ve gifted to mankind! Listening to paying users is for losers – they’re the Gangsta devs living the Thug life!

For people who get triggered over n-words and me-toos, who assert the right to be addressed as ‘they’ and all kinds of First-World-Problems cancel-culture vociferously protesting against being slotted into stereotypes and against being judged, you were quick to make assumptions about what I may have done (or not) and patronisingly dispensed useless ‘advice’. Arrogating to yourself the position of a defence lawyer of the developers. Could they not be bothered to respond to paying customers’ concerns themselves?

I anticipate that my reply is going to set, both you, and them, on fire. And the only way to “punish” me is that they could cancel my licence and refund my payment.

But this could have been handled in a positive way – simply saying in short, “we regret that the feature you ask is not available at present, but we are acutely aware of it’s demand since we have received similar feedback from our valued customers since quite a few years. Implementing it is on our to-do list, although, not a priority at present.”

Being perceptive to paying customers’ needs is what drives most ethical, profitable companies in the world. Brusqueness is unwarranted. Especially since it tends to engender a like response. Usually.

I still have hope that my concern – and it’s the concern of many others, I’m just the one who voiced it – reaches the developers. And that they’re good, kind human beings who will respond with sensitivity. Heck, even if they don’t care about altruism, they should care about the reputation of their company in these “social-media” times.

Hoping for the best. Expecting the worst. Signing off.

Welcome to the forum @N-Man and too Bootstrap Studio.

;—) Don’t worry you’re not gonna be punished and your inquiry is certainly a valid one.

You’re right, most modern apps now offer both light and dark modes so computer users are used to having this simple preference within their apps. Bootstrap Studio is built upon Electron and it uses open standards so it should not be overly difficult to allow for UI styling as such in theory.

Martin touched upon it here in this other thread a year ago, those features he mentioned are done (I believe) so UI themes should now be possible? Maybe @martin could consider adding it to the 5.7 list of coming features. Unless the current underlying app UI theme structure is currently a fragmented mess it should be possible.


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:crazy_face: I think you need to take a deep breath and stop taking things so seriously.

I mean, okay, I get it. Maybe $69 is a lot of money for some people. If I had $69 dollars for every time I bought something far more expensive that didn’t instantly meet my expectations, I’d be a rather wealthy person right now.

I think you should chill out, maybe go for a walk, exercise, have a drink, smoke some bud, or do whatever it is that relaxes you. Nobody should go through life wound up this tightly. :grimacing:

Have a good weekend in Gotham :stuck_out_tongue: (or not.)

Anddddd as I just posted in the “Other” thread, can we please choose one of these threads and leave the other one go? Pretty Please??

I have to admit I find these darker themed interfaces harder and more tiring to work with, when there’s an option I always change to the moretraditional lighter theme.


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