Can we get a way to turn off running Elements?

This kind of goes along with the display issue that I just reported, but this one has been there since I started using the program and although I've mentioned it in various posts, I don't remember actually reporting and showing it so here goes.

I use WowSlider (for now) for various galleries that I create. These seem to insist on running within the App, but they do not run correctly so they are visually messing up the design area. The elements are installed correctly, they run as they should when uploaded and viewed on browser previews, but they definitely get in the way of the design in the app preview. Here's a couple screenshots to show this issue in the app:

I can send you the project if you like, just let me know.

What I'm wanting to know is if we can get some way to turn off running scripts like this so they just display in the actual window size they should be in, almost like a placeholder of sorts. This is probably way out there so if it's not possible don't worry about it, I work around it pretty good so far, but it would be nice if the app would show things in the proper dimensions at least, even if the running element doesn't function properly, at least it wouldn't be disproportioned as it shows it is in this screenshot. If it helps to see what it actually "should" look like you can see it at:

@jo the preview pane of BSS will be updated soon. There are many issues with the actual version., I guess it's a third part component, so I hope that will fix our visualization problems. About not running, just don't initialize it in your script

btw, if you run chrome dev tools on fpcbayminette you'll see a few issues with your js.

enter image description here

Thanks on the info about the preview pane. For the issues on the js, I don't mess with js really so it just sits as it is as that's the code that I get from the apps that create the items for me :/

@jo now let me try to have that slider working. I just sent you a PM.