Cannot add YouTube start and stop parameters to iframe.

I have embedded a YouTube video with the VIDEO OPTIONS "Show Suggested Videos" unchecked and "Show Video Title" unchecked, which results in the iframe tag src attribute having the parameters ?showinfo=0&rel=0 appended.

In addition I would like to start the video 51 seconds into the video and stop the video at 151 seconds. I have tried adding ?start=51&end=151 to the URL string but that did not work.

I don't see how to add additional YouTube parameters start=51&end=151 to src attribute in the iframe tag. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help.


Yeah doesn't seem like the URL option will accept anything other then the direct embedded youtube URL.

As a work around, you can clear the URL field and then add the SRC Attribute your self in the ATTRIBUTE pane under the HTML pane with all the params you need.

So your SRC URL will look something like this for example src=""

Maybe the app DEVs could add a few more options to the Options pane :D