cannot save or export, with pictures!

ok, so a new day, and i still cannot save or export anything, but the program says it is exporting. when i try to save

this comes up with : your file was exported, please click to open target folder.

but clearly, its not updating, this is the last time i changed anything.

i have a couple of important changes i need to make urgently, can someone please give me a suggestion? cheers

Check your export path and make sure it's 100% accurate. That's usually the kind of message you get when the location doesn't exist or the folder name or path that the saves are supposed to go to has been edited in some way.

Specifically, browser to it, don't type it in.

I personally, would use a much simpler directory path/naming convention.


hi, thanks for the replies.

ive double checked the paths, and when i click the box that says click here for saved location, its bringing up the correct location i specified and have used since the first day, but its not saving there. i just tried again and firstly deleted all the assets and HTML file from the page (after saving elsewhere first!) and it has exported the assets files but not the HTML file. so i went to save it, and after reading comments in another thread, i changed the name slightly (added a 2) it said you dont have permission to save in this location do you want to save in the Jo folder instead? i pushed yes and saved it there. when i opened it, the changes are there, however, when i went to export, still no HTML file, and its still the previous assets file, from 120 min ago. that doesnt bother me i can get around the asset file thing, but how do i get the HTML file to export! thanks again, cheers, Jo

Try, in the Design pane, expand Pages, right click and rename the index file to something other than index. Then try saving that. If that works close out and restart your Computer as there might be a failed closing of the app or something else that has tied up/locked the index.html file from being used. Restarting the PC will/should clear that up. Then open the app again and open your project and rename it back to index and try saving again.


Hi thanks for replying again,

it still wont work, i did as you said and also tried another page in the project, it just wont work. also when i tried to save to a different location it wouldnt let me. cheers

im still having no joy with this thing.

it just wont export the html file, ie its useless!! can you change the settings at all? have i maybe dont that by accident?

so turned out for some reason Bit defender stuck it in the no no box! cheers

Glad to see you figured out it.