Can't Delete items from a Dropdown

If I open a Dropdown to show it's items and click on an item to select it, the MENU ITEM/DELETE button is not enabled. Bug?

Try using the Overview window. Although it really "does" work in the preview window, it's pretty messy trying to get to the right spots to do what you need to do. To do it in the preview first click Open on the dropdown so you see the items listed. Now click on an item and then click the little Up arrow on the blue popup box at the top left of the selected item. That will take select the parent of the item you had selected. Eventually you will get to the part that can be Edited and/or Deleted. Takes more time that way though.

If you use the Overview pane on the left, you can select them directly (you need to select the Menu Item in the Overview pane so it will be something like this:

Dropdown ..... Link ..... Menu .......... Menu Item <---- This is what you want to select to get the Edit and Delete to work in that top menu.

Or you can choose the Menu Item as above and just right click and choose Edit or Delete there.

Overview pane will be a good friend for much of the functions like this for menus, tabs, accordions and so on.

Hope that helps!

That works, thanks. Pete

Now I've fixed that, I don't seem to be able to include a dropdown and a regular button on the same line. I've tried enclosing everything in a div and also in a row and even columns within a row but the regular button always appears under the dropdown. Any ideas on that one?

Did you drag the dropdown from the Components list or are you trying to script one up yourself? You should be able to drag it right into the menu in the same setup as the one that you are working with now. also be sure to check what your width is and keep in mind that the menus do not always show the correct way in the Preview or even in the Browser, sometimes it will need to be viewed uploaded to see the true effect on tablets and phones. Browser preview will be the closest to what it will be though. I say this because it almost never behaves for the collapsing like it should, when viewing it in the app preview.

Found the solution to this on Stack Overflow. The problem is that there is a


div class="dropdown"> around the dropdown button which causes it to start on a new line. The solution was to add the following css:

.dropdown{ display: inline;<br /> }