Can't Drag Certain Online Components To the Design [fixed in 4.0.4]

Having an issue where some components from the online tab work and some dont.

Ones I've tried that DONT work (found in the trending section):

  • header by boyda
  • sticky dark top nav by crystalsmcneil

it just doesn't let you drag then at all, nothing happens. I'm on a fresh install on mac os if that matters.

I just tested this and it looks like a differential setting between versions 3 and 4.

Basically this means if you can't drag it, then it's not for that version of BSS Project. Open or make a new project in BSS 3 mode and you'll see that you can now drag those items that weren't draggable.

Would be better if the ones that didn't work in the version we're building in didn't show up at all in the list, but I like that it is at least stopping us from using the wrong ones. :) Might be nice if the various versions had a different colored text maybe? Something to tell us which version they go to so we know before we try to use them. Or something in the text making the creators have to fill in what version they go to or .... I dunno, something to tell us other than that they just don't work lol.

Some BS3 components I'm still able to drag over, that's the weird part.

Interesting, or ... are you absolutely sure they are BS3? Maybe the creator made BS4 versions? I do also recall seeing something about someone saying that the components were not always listing the correct version on them.

Which brings me to my previous post where I requested to do that, but now that I think about it, I believe there already is something in place for it, just not sure if it's working correctly or not yet, if it's actually there that is.

Thank you for reporting this! I can confirm the issue. It is going to be fixed in the upcoming 4.0.4 release.