Can't edit dropdown-item links within bootstrap studio

Hello evetybody!
I’m new in bootstrap and now trying to create a menu with two dropdowns.

The second dropdown is done as a link width “dropdown-toggle” class.
The problem is I can’t edit the content of the dropdown-item links.
Can I do it within bootstrap interface or it can be done only by editing custom code?

Thank you!

Typically, if the dropdown is coded correctly you would target the top level dropdown and you should get a small menu bar at the top of the preview window that will allow you to open and close that menu section.

There is a good bunch of menu’s already set up in the online component tab and a few in the included default components so there shouldn’t be any need to reinvent the wheel unless you’re needing something super special that is.

Thank you for reply!
In bootstrap studio the top level link with “dropdown-toggle” doesn’t open, there is not menu bar at the top of the preview window you’re talking about.
But in browser it works.

One more screen of the link with dropdown-toggle class from bootstrap studio

It seems you’ve constructed the dropdown by manually adding a link and a list. In this case Bootstrap Studio doesn’t know that this is supposed to be a dropdown.

If you instead drag and drop a Dropdown component in the Nav, the app will let you open and close it with a button. This is how it should look in the Overview:


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