Can't open BSS on latest update

I started BSS, saw that there was an update, closed BSS to update, and now it won’t open at all.
I’ve restarted the computer.
WillI have to unistalland reintsall? if so, will I lose all my work?
And,not sure if ii can find my licence key

If you reinstall you shouldn’t lose any work***, although you might not have any components that you have saved in your library.

*** although you might want to back it up to be on the safe side.

You can use the form here to get your licence key:

Good luck

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Many thanks, Richard :slight_smile:
I did have to uninstall and reinstall. All my work is still there, but you are right about the components, they don’t seem to be there anymore. Not a big loss, they were just test components. I need to bear this in mind, just in case it happens again. Need to think of a way to save components.
UPDATE actually, I think my components are still here*

Glad it all worked out. Especially if you still have your components :slight_smile:

You can right click on the component in your library, and export it to your hard drive as a .bscomp file.

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I will do this from now on!