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Hi guys, I got a strange bug i guess. I took my bootstrap files from my IMac to my Macbook (bouth have Bootrap Studio installed). Now when i open BSS on my Macbook and click "open file" nothing happens. Double clicking on the BSS Files (which I want to open) does nothing too. Any help would be nice. Greetings E

I'm not a Mac person so maybe someone like @jo would be better help but lets see if this helps at all.

  • Do both Mac's have the same OS version?
  • Do both Mac's have the same BSS app version?
  • Do you have something like Dropbox where you can save the file there and try opening it on the other Mac from there?

I couldn't imagine that iMac and Macbook is the issue other then OS version being different where there may be a permissions issue which something like Dropbox I would think could get around that.

It's possible that it might have to do with something like any local files or fonts you have in the design aren't on each machine so it's having difficulty loading the design.


Hey thanks for the fast reply. I can test it on the weekend. I think the OS versions differ. But its kind of strange that BSS doesnt show any reaction when i press Open File and select the file. There is no error message or anything like that which would help to indicate the problem.<br /> Greetings E

Saj covered pretty much anything I would have asked so I guess I would start there and see if any of that helps. Also, if you just recently installed BSS on the machine you're trying to open them on, you may want to try reinstalling to see if that helps. Although Mac's don't usually have too many issues like that, it does happen every so often that an installation isn't right.

Another thing to do is if you haven't restarted the one you're trying to load the files on in a while, do that before you do anything else. Many times it's just a restart issue which can happen to both Mac's and PC's although once again not as often on Macs.

Bout all I can think of at the moment. If you copied the files exactly (and I'm assuming you're talking only about the project files themselves), there really shouldn't be any other reason why they wouldn't work. If these don't work I would suggest contacting support and see if they have other ideas to try.

i just downloaded bootstrap studio for my windows laptop and it is blank when i open it. how do i get it to work?

@abenaa_o: Contact the support of Bootstrap Studio if the above hasn't helped you.

@eli if this issue still occurs, can you send one of these bsdesign files to us? You can find our email on the contact us page.

This happens to me as well -- when going between Windows and Linux. The design file created on Windows will not work on Linux. You select the file to open, then Bootstrap Studio just goes blank. We have a cross-platform team and couple this with the font issue of just showing squares under Linux and I am having a hard time convincing my bosses that this is the tool we need.

Bugs happen I know, but bosses don't understand that like we developers do sometimes.

Note, I am sending the problem file in to you guys.

Thanx, Matt

Note, I started a demo site on Linux with the idea of opening it in Windows to see if the opposite problem occurs. Since the site was just a one page test like the other one, I set about recreating it. I found that when I added an icon using Font Awesome like I did on the Windows copy of this design, Bootstrap Studio crashes. Again, this is on Linux.

The bug can be seen by doing these simple steps -- again, on Linux:

  1. Open Bootstrap Studio
  2. Create a design (no need to name it, and just pick the blank design)
  3. Drag an Icon to the stage
  4. Double-click the icon ans select Font Awesome from the drop down list
  5. Bootstrap Studio crashes.

Since I used Font Awesome with the design I created in Windows, and that design doesn't open in Linux -- AND since simply choosing Font Awesome in Linux crashes Bootstrap Studio, I am thinking these things are related. I will go back to the Windows version, remove the Font Awesome icon and see if this fixes the issue.

For what it's worth, I went into my design that worked on Windows and filed on Linux, changed my Font Awesome characters to use Glyphs instead, and the project opened in Linux just fine after that.

I think it's odd that Font Awesome usage is the culprit, but that's what it was in my case.