Can't publish site

I can't get the Publish feature to work today. Each time I press the Publish button a messages in lower right says it's Publishing, but then another pops up and says it wasn't able to Publish, try again later. It's been about 2 hrs since I first got the message.

In the meantime, I've restarted BSS, upgraded to 2.6.1, created a new website and tried to publish to that one...same error. I've reset the modem, used another machine with BSS installed. Still no go.

The Preview function works fine.

I was able to Export the site to local HD and then FTP all files to the live site. Everything works, I just wasn't ready to take this step. I've grown to REALLY appreciate the temp sites we can create with BSS.

Anybody else having a problem with Publish?

TIA, JohnS

Works fine here. I just published a small website without any issue at 9:30 am CEST

Sorry that you've run into problems! Publish can fail if your design is larger than 5-6 megabytes. How large is the design you are publishing?


Publish can fail if your design is larger than 5-6 megabytes. How large is the design you are publishing?

This looks like the problem. I had a large PNG file that pushed the combined file size to over 9 MB. After fixing that, the exported folder/files were 5.35 MB and the Export function worked fine.

I still have more pages to add to this site. Is there a file size or page limit that I need to stay within?

Thanks, JohnS

There aren't page limits, we've just limited the total file size of websites for our free hosting so that we can provide a good service to everybody. We will increase this size limit in the future, but we won't be able to remove it entirely. If you keep high res images low, you won't run into any problems. Of course, you can always export your design and upload it to your hosting space with no limits whatsoever.

im having the issue with a partial very very tiny site that is about 200Kb been using the product for about 2 hours and already this is the second bug/issue i run into... not a good start but im still hopeful most people love this product. Even though its only 25 bucks this is precisely why a trial is so critical. maybe this is why they dont offer one? dunno. maybe im being overly negative.

Or maybe you didn't look at the website clear enough to see there is an online demo right on the home page in plain view when you get on the website. :P

Other than that, you need to contact support for things like this, it's not something most of us here can fix, as we are mostly a user based forum.