Can't run on Windows 10

I bought Bootstrap Studio but it doesn't start on my PC (Windows 10). When I run it double clicking its icon on the desktop it does absolutely nothing and exits immediately. When i run it in a CMD window I get the following messages: - (electron) ipc module is deprecated. Use require("electron"). ipcmain instead. - (electron) loadUrl is deprecated. Use loadURL instead. Then it apparently stays waiting for user input and when I press the Return key it exits immediately. (Note: I tried it also disabling Windows Firewall) Could you give me any idea why it happens?

Have you tried reinstalling it and restarting your pc after?

Thanks workman60405 for your hint: I uninstalled the product, reinstalled it and restarted my PC but got no different result at all.

@adestrup, sorry to hear you've run into problems! Do you have an antivirus running that might be blocking Bootstrap Studio?

Have you tried uninstalling any antivirus programs on your PC? Make an exception for Bootstrap Studio in the settings of the antivirus program. This worked for me.

Thanks to Marin Angelov and markusha, I tried stopping my antivirus program (AVG) but got no result. As I referred in a mail directed to Zine EOOD, it seems to me (but am not absolutely sure any more) that I correctly run the program immediately after having downloaded it (a couple of weeks ago): I just looked to the interface and went out, having no time to learn it. Some days later I run it again to start learning it but since that time I had no result. So this is the story, as far as I remember. Thanks to both of you.

I have the same problem, yesterday everything was working fine and this morning it just doesn't run. I tried to reinstall it, restart my computer and disable my antivirus program but nothing so far.

Every time we've seen this issue, an antivirus system is responsible. There are two ways to solve this problem:

Solution one - add an exception for Bootstrap Studio in your antivirus system. Look in your anti-virus settings and add an exception for Bootstrap Studio.exe or the entire Bootstrap Studio folder in your Program Files. Sometimes antivirus systems damage the application, and you may need to reinstall Bootstrap Studio if it still doesn't start after you add an exception.

Solution two - remove your antivirus system. Windows 10 has a very good antivirus solution built-in - Windows Defender - and you don't need third party solutions. Third party antivirus systems are often buggy, slow down your machine, install weird browser plugins, and most importantly are full of security holes. If you remove them, you will be doing yourself a favor.

You can also try installing the 32bit version of Bootstrap Studio if the 64bit doesn't work for you. They are practically the same.

If you are still facing this issue contact us.

I installed the 64bit version on windows 8 and it cannot start. There is no antivirus on my computer. I removed the 64bit version and installed the 32 bit version. The 32 version is able to start. I believe the problem has to do with the supporting files for the 64 bit environment. Is there a log where we can checked where the software breaks down.

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