Captcha needed for the Contact Form

After looking for a captcha component "studio" or "online" and finding none, I guess I need to integrate one with BSS somehow. Any suggestions would be welcome.

if you have problems integrating a captcha in your design I don't think thats a good reason to request a new feature to BSS. That is not a problem or a limit of BSS.

I'm sure you're trying hard to develop your own website, but it seems to me that you don't have the bases. Why don't you first study HTML 5 and CSS 3, then learn bootstrap (a great free course here: ) instead of posting a dozen messages for help in creating your website?

Please don't take this as an offense to you, but just as my way to try to help you develop a good website. I don't think it's any use if you keep asking for someone to do every little part of your site instead of investing a few weeks in studying HTML

Have to agree with Marrco here - learning the basic and understand how the frame work reacts will be really beneficial in the long run and will allow you to get so much more done yourself without having to request help from the community over every little bit your your site.