Card Body auto sizing

Hi team!
i cant seem to be able to have the card body grow (?) to fit the text it is supposed to hold.
It is OK on all other device/screen sizes except the XS where the text runs way off the card body (as in the example here).

I’ve tried lots of things, but am i missing something ?.
any help appreciated as always.

The Card component works correctly for me, so I doubt it’s a bug in the software. The problem you’re having would occur if you have a assigned a fixed height to the Card component. Can you post your website so we can see the code?

When troubleshooting problems, the simplest thing to do is work backwards. Remove any utility classes or disable/remove any custom CSS you have added one-by-one until the issue resolves itself.

Have you tried adding a new Card component to the same page/project and seeing if you can duplicate the issue?

Thanks so much Printninja!
You are no doubt a legend.
I had accidentally assigned a fixed height to the card body.
Thanks again.