Card Heading please?

Can we please get the Card Heading component added to the Components so I don’t have to keep putting a Panel in to get one? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one set up and added to my library, I’ve just put it online, called card with card heading

Just the standard card with a h5 heading with a class of card-heading

Thanks @Richards, am more looking for that part to be added in the Card section of the components though. I don’t always want one, but it would be nice if it were easily grabable (is that a word? lol) right from where we would expect it to be. :slight_smile:


If you highlight the card component in the overview pane then you have card-header, card-body and card-footer in the suggested, drag the card-header and drop it just above the card-body and put some content in the card-header like a heading or paragraph. Voila you got your card-header

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That works well, thanks Kuli, I hadn’t even noticed that. But, if they show up there, why aren’t they in the main list to begin with? Obviously they are available to use. I can work with the Suggestions for now though that helps a lot thanks!

Thats why, you grab one fron the suggested when you want one lol