Carousel? Not sure of the proper name

Hello, I have an idea in my head, however, I am not sure how to bring it to life. I would like to do a header with 3 pieces. I want images to scroll behind the companies name. The layout would look like the below. Is there a way for this to be done? Is there a proper name for the process? Thanks Image|name|image

There are plenty of ways to scroll things behind other things on a website. Animated gifs. CSS animations. Javascript. Background video. Various sliders like You could probably even cobble something together with the Boostrap carousel.

If you're asking ME how to do it, I charge $85 an hour to do custom coding.

@printninja Thank you for your response. I wasn't sure if it could be done or if Bootstrap had a compent that could do it. Thanks for letting me know how much you charge. My goal in the next few years is to be in the position as you and charge!!!, thanks again!!, C3