Carousels all going automatically after new updated

I was re-doing a page with carousels set at manually, did a preview and notice they were going on automatic mode; I tought it was at my end thus I published the site but all of my carousel in the site are all going in automode! I repeat none of them at set to “Cycle automatically” this is off!
Please fix this!!!

if you set the data attribute data-bs-ride="false" the carousel will not cycle automatically.

why do I need to do this now? I didn’t have to before the last updated! anyway how do I do that, have no clue!

It’s new in bootstrap 5.2 the attribute data-bs-ride has three values
data-bs-ride ="carousel" = circle automatically on page load
data-bs-ride ="true" = circle automatically after an user clicked on one controller
data-bs-ride ="false" = never circle automatically
The attribute data-bs-interval="false" doesn’t work in bootstrap 5.2

When the devs read your bug report will it be fixed in their next update

FWIW, this is why I ALWAYS wait a week before installing any new BSS update. There’s almost always an issue with the initial release.

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Thank you for reporting this issue! We will fix this later today.

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I’m still having an issue. I can’t scroll the slides by swiping anymore.
I’m only able to swipe after I use one of the left/right control buttons.
Edit: I found a workaround of leaving the auto-cycle to page load with interval timer of 9999999999

At my end is good now!

  • did you updated to the new version(6.1.3)? if not you need to and then published the site again!
    It worked for me.