Cart view cut off on bottom of screen

Good morning - searched for this q but could not find an answer. When using the e-commerce tool, I enabled the Product option “Show add to cart.” And when I add something to the cart in test, it does add. However, the “view cart” bar shows up for maybe 5 seconds, and the button is so low down (and half-cut-off) on the screen that there is no way the customer could find or click on it. I can’t find a way to customize the “show add to cart” option so that the bar is visible to customers. (See image included)
Thanks –

Thank you for the screenshot! If possible can you share a link so we can see what’s going on.

Hi Martin - thanks for the reply. Test site at Something Good Organics

BTW I am using Firefox to view.

You have a CSS block that is setting width: 100% to all divs. Add the following CSS to your design:

.ref-notification {
  width: auto;

That should fix the issue. Hope this helps!

Thank you Gabby, that fixed the problem. I appreciate your help.