Cascading Styles

Hey there, looking at transitioning from Webflow to Bootstrap Studio for smaller projects, and one of the biggest drawbacks I’ve found so far is the lack of automatic cascading styles. How is css implemented on a per device breakpoint in Bootstrap Studio?

You can create the CSS style you want for the device, then to the right of each style/class block, click the 3 vertical dots and in there click “Add Media Query” then change it’s default parameters to what you want.

You can also duplicate an existing style block in there as well and then add and change the query.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Styles cascade up in Bootstrap Studio rather than down like Webflow. I wonder why Webflow does that because thats rather outdated now ?

um, What. Desktop makes up an average of 55% of all web traffic. Especially for webapps, which are becoming the most prevalent sites people spend time on. Mobile websites still have trouble with the Doherty Threshold. If anything, the opposite is true. The mobile first design approach is seriously flawed, and goes heavily unused in enterprise scale work as well. CSS3 still operates cascade down as well. I get it, bootstrap is mobile first, so maybe this should be a toggle?

And no, after testing, Bootstrap studio does not cascade up either.

That does, thanks. :roll_eyes:

Yes, I should have included the media breakpoints as the discussion main focus rather than how cascade works. Whoops !

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And yes, be sure you check some tutorial info on Mobile First as this app definitely does go up not down in size. You’ll see that any time you add media queries that the smallest is the default. Good Luck and have fun learning the app. This will definitely be a major step up from Webflow.

I opened a free Webflow account about a year ago, (for S&G’s) but never really found the time to look into it’s capabilities. I thought the UI was well designed and had some very clever features. I am impressed with their efforts to document the software, and provide tutorials. They have over 100 example videos on their YouTube page on how to do things in the program!

It also (as far as I know) has some limited CMS and e-commerce features, and more robust animation features than BSS. So it’s probably lacking/not-as-useful to seasoned developers like us, but I’ll bet it has all the bells and whistles that appeal to the total amateurs who they clearly target in their marketing.

Have you ever had any time to play with Webflow? (just curious?)

I looked into them when I was searching for a new app and found BSS. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $175+ for a website just to be able to export it and host it elsewhere. Any CMS you add cannot be exported for that purpose either. Yes it’s slick for building, but it’s expensive at $16 a month to have just the basic needs and ability to export. Not my cup of tea and unfortunately, I find them to be preying on the “amateurs” rather than truly helping them.

Those that are unaware of how things work in the world of web design/development will pay them whatever is asked in order to get what they want, and that could be over $350 a year if they choose to use some of the more costly items that use payment systems etc. Very shady to me, their pricing system is fine for someone making a 3 page informational website that they don’t care if it’s hosted there as it’s free, but their FREE is skewed in the direction of paid from what I can see.

When I looked at Webflow, I came to almost all the same conclusions.

Sounds like you and I chose BSS for the same reasons.

You could look at Pinegrow, I have it but find it way too in depth for me to use. I’m sure it’ll have what you want.

I truly think the OP needs to check out the app ans work through some tutorials and see how it all works before we send them off to another app. I believe that this topic was making mountains out of mole hills, so to speak. The way CSS is used in this app is very easily discerned by just trying it and using it.

I wouldn’t expect toggles or exceptions added to this app for other ways of doing things since it’s built specifically to work with Bootstrap so it’s either learn how it works, or move on to another app.

Do give it a shot and see how it goes for you, it’s truly one of the more amazing apps out there, and has one of the most responsive Dev teams that I’ve seen as well. When we ask for things that are truly important and Bootstrap styled, we do get a lot of features asked for. Try it and see if you like it. Tutorials are available through the app on the landing page of the app. Check them out and go from there.

Jo-r is dead on. I can build websites faster and more efficiently with BSS than any other program I’ve ever used. The software is rock-solid. It NEVER crashes, or hangs, or freezes my system. I’ve never had it corrupt a file while saving, and the auto-backup feature is PRICELESS. It’s saved my butt a few times already. The ability to save components in a user library is very powerful, and to link components across pages is also sort of magical. It saves SO much time, and makes it very easy to build a new site from scratch very quickly. If you open two websites at once, you can easily copy components and CSS files from one site to the other, saving tons of time in things you’d ordinarily have to replicate.

The UI is polished, ergonomic and logical (once you get the hang of everything.) I’ve never owned a piece of software where reported bugs get fixed as quickly as BSS, or suggested features get added so fast. As with programs like Photoshop, BSS gives you more than one way of doing many tasks, so you can develop your own personal workflow. The UI customizations are great (zoom in an out). You can create custom devices to simulate. There are some things in this program I will probably never even learn just because I don’t need them, but they’re there if others need them.

The new forum has made it easier for all of us to communicate, and the devs can easily see when we’ve tagged them in something we’d like them to look at. I’ve just glanced at the list of added features in 5.5.0 and I can’t believe how much new stuff they’ve incorporation (including one of my own suggestions :heart:) I’ve actually seen close to a half-dozen of my suggestions incorporated into updates. (I hope that the one about adding code before/after head, body, and HTML is implemented soon. I just saw a post from another user the other day who requested this feature.)

And once again, as I’ve said before, BSS is worth FAR MORE than what the developers charge for it. This is the best software bargain I’ve ever found, bar none. This program has paid for itself about 3000 times over for me personally.

Pinegrow is a great piece of software. Very powerful with some pretty advanced features that BSS lacks, but it’s a LOT harder to use, it’s not as stable, and it’s a LOT more expensive. It has some new animation features utilizing the GSAP - GreenSock animation library, which are freakishly robust, and equally complicated, and it will be months before I have an opportunity to sit down and play with them. The PG interface is less polished, less intuitive, and their documentation is… well… certainly no better than Bootstrap Studio’s. They tend to focus a lot on their Wordpress builder, and devote more energy and time to that part of the program. Yes, you can edit the HTML directly in PG. It a great program for diagnosing problems with existing sites. You can buy and load templates (which I never do, but some people like to do that) but you cannot build a website anywhere near as fast or easy with PG as you can with BSS.