Center button text & buttons

Hello Is there a way to center the text within a button? Must I go into the HTML I have tried different flexbox optione with a button group and I cant get the buttons to justify with the group? Is that possible? The buttons look "squashed" of not an attractive dimension. Is there a way to change the dimensions be "default", "large", "small"? Thank you.

You cannot edit HTML in Bootstrap Studio.

Text in Bootstrap buttons is centered by default, but you can easily change this simply by selecting the button and changing the text alignment in the Options panel.

As far as button size goes, the choices of small, default and large are done via Bootstrap helper classes. If you want create buttons with exact sizing, you need to either do it though the attributes panel, or know how to write CSS, so you can overwrite the standard padding, width, etc, of the default buttons. You are limited in how much you can customize things in Bootstrap Studio without having an understanding of CSS.

I'm not sure what you mean by "I cant get the buttons to justify with the group?" A button group is just a series of buttons placed next to each other. If you wanted a column with, say, four evenly spaced buttons, you wouldn't use a button group. You'd use four separate buttons placed in a column. Then you'd select the column, set the Flex Container to "flex" and the Justify Content to "between" or "around."

I suggest you read up on Bootstrap Flexbox, and CSS if you want to use Bootstrap Studio as a website builder.

Also watch the Video tutorials on the Bootstrap Studio Website (I recommend building a website along with them) and read all the available Tutorials on this site as well.