Centering Bullet list

Hello All, I have a bullet list that I would like to center. Every time I try it gets out of order. Is there any way to do it

      <h2>Items Needed </h2>
         <ul style="width:20%;float:left;">

    *   Dresses size 1"2 & up
    *   Shoes (all sizes)
    *   Matching Handbags 

my css

ul { text-align: center; list-style-position: inside; }

I have tried different things with the CSS and it still isnt centering. Thanks

Your HTML is incorrect. First, ditch the inline styling. Second, it should be...

<ul class="myList"> <li>Dresses size 1"2 & up</li> <li>Shoes (all sizes)</li> <li>Matching Handbags </li> </ul>

CSS (the class can be named whatever you like, I just used "myList" as an example.)

.myList { width:20%; float:left; text-align: center; list-style-position: inside; }

This displays the bulleted list centered on my screen. Personally, I don't like the look of a center-justified list with bullets, but that's just my preference. If that's what you want to do, the above code will do it.

Also, why not just use the BBS List component, and use the text options to center the list?

@printninja Thanks for providing me with the correct code.<br /> Also, after I sent this message, I think the next day, I figured that BS had a list component. I ended up using that.<br /> As always, thank you for your response!!!!!!