Change bold font weight? (Open Sans)


I am having issues with font-weight on my pages using Open Sans. When set to bold, the weight is just barely higher than normal, and they don’t really look bold at all. In previous versions, there were easy ways to change these weights, but I can’t seem to find them now.

Any idea how I can do this easily without having to dig in and modify code? I just want the regular bold font to be more bold.


I usually have that issue, when I do not activate the bold font type in the font section in the right column. Did you do that?

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Exactly. If you set bold or italic for example and the typeface family doesn’t include those the browser will try and fake it. It doesn’t always work and it doesn’t look good.

Always good to choose fonts that have a variety of weights and include what you need for your design.


Just set the weight with CSS, something like:

b, strong {
  font-weight: 800

But that only works if he has the full font family enabled. Otherwise the browser will try to emulate it - as @malachiman said. It should work with the BSS settings and open sans. It has all types of enabled. :slight_smile:

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Fonts are fun… said no one. Except those who make them and we have a high value for the people who take the time to do that :grin:

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