Change BSS Startup

I asked before but wanted to bring it up again.

I would love to have a different startup when choosing recent templates.
Snapshots of the index.html instead of the generic icon would be a quick and useful feature. As sometimes I create numerous projects with tiny changes so would be great to see visual representations on startup

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Thank you for the suggestion! This would be a great feature to have, but has drawbacks from a technical standpoint.

The main problem is that it is computationally expensive to generate screenshots. This will require each save to be up to a second slower. Basically the app needs to export your design, open it in a hidden window, and screenshot it.

Then there is the problem with associating the screenshot with a design - if we store the images separately from the bsdesigns, renaming the bsdesign file will leave it without a screenshot until the next save. And if we embed the screenshot in the design, each bsdesign will grow by 30-50kb.

The main challenge is the poor performance. If we figure it out the rest is easy.

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We could do our own screenshots and you could set up a Checkbox in the settings where we could choose to add that project to the startup (this way not every project would be there which I wouldn’t want), and have an image selector in that setup if it’s checked so we can navigate or drag the image we want to use?

This would be an awesome way to utilize our own templates, love that idea. :slight_smile:

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