Change color of background when nav menu drops down

Newb here. Can I change the color of the background of the menu in smaller screen sizes after it has collapsed. If that will require to much customization with css or java, can I at least push the website down when the menu drops down after activating the menu hamburger. When my menu drops down a lot of the content of the website is in the way or not quite where I want it to be. Thanks.

Hiya Cik and welcome to the forums!

To do this you would need to alter the color of specific areas of the menu. When you click an area you’ll see the CSS update automatically in the Styles panel, showing all the classes and ID’s that are applied to whatever you have selected (this could be selected in the Overview or Visual window, but Overview will get you better and more accurate areas).

Trial and error is a good way to learn how these things work. In many cases you may find locked classes/IDs and you just need to copy them to a custom CSS file to overwrite the defaults. Then change away.

I have been playing with the navs a lot lately and have found that diving in there and experimenting helps learn the various parts and pieces that you need to change for the results you want.

In your case, find the classes/IDs that are needed to be changed, and once you have them, add a media query to your copied class in your custom CSS file to adjust things to different sizes, colors etc.

Do keep in mind that sites are now built from phone size up rather than from desktop down so you will want to apply your new color(s) to the main file copied (in other words, no Media Query needed for Phone size as that is the default size), and then you will want to copy the file again to create a media query for the size you want it to change back to the original (or new) colors.

You can right click any class or ID and choose media query and it will add it for whatever screen size you have selected at the top right, so choose the size screen first, then add the media query to the class/ID and Bootstrap Studio will add the correct sizes for you.

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate the help. Ill start messing around with the custom css and media query’s. Would you happen to have any advice on using bootstrap studio to become a freelance front end developer? I would like to make some side cash and get better at front end dev. I have other streams of income so it would not be a full time gig for me. Thanks.

Best advice I can offer is get familiar with HTML5 and CSS/CSS3, if you aren’t already that is. This app is awesome for creating and maintaining websites, but does require a bit of knowledge in order to structure sites correctly and style them how you want them.

After that I’m not sure what to say on it, most of my clients are local with a handful around the US and the UK. Can’t say it’s my website as it needs updating pretty bad and I’ve been working on it when I have time, but I’m sure it’s part of it. I do quite a bit of local networking though which helps a lot.

Get good at building the sites before you start doing it for money though. I’ve been at it for almost 20 years now and I still learn some basic things here and there that I just never had to use before. Too many times I see people come in here deciding they are going to do this for a living and then ask the basic questions that they should already know how to work out. Don’t let yourself get ahead of your skills, that’s important.

Good luck with it for sure!

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Definitely spend time learning CSS at W3 Schools or a similar tutorial site. Get comfortable with the Stack Overflow website. Study the official Bootstrap website itself and become familiar with all the Bootstrap utility classes (they make life a LOT easier.) Watch the Bootstrap Studio Tutorial videos and read the Bootstrap Studio tutorials. Then dive into SASS and Javascript.

Thanks for your advice guys @jo-r and @printninja . Yea have been to w3 schools quite a bit. I am actually teaching my son and daughter html from there ATM. I’m interested in the utility classes they sound pretty cool. My other streams of income are my rental properties. Let me know if you even need any advice on real estate or rentals. I have been doing that for a long time. Have a good one talk to you guys soon.

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