Change common properties of a multi selection

I want to change the color of 2 components. Right now we have to select them one by one to change their color. It would be handy to select them all and being able to change the color because it's a common property.

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There is no "multi-selection" in BSS (aside from copy/paste/delete.) The way CSS works makes what you're suggesting almost impossible. You'd end up with a huge mess of inline styles with !important used everywhere. The way to do what you're suggesting is to make a CSS class, copy it, and then paste it to all the components you want to be a certain color. Then, if you want to change all the colors at once, you just change the CSS rule.

I like the word ALMOST but I understand what you mean. It's always best to have a class.

It still take a long time to add a class name to 28 components one by one if you see what I mean ! Sometimes it's not because you don't start correctly your design but you install a package that already have 28 components and then you create a class and you have to select the 28 components one by one to set the class name ouffff

In a normal environment we could make a search and replace like in VS ;)

Thank you

Isn't that what Ctrl + F is for ?

It's indeed useful but think about an attribute that doesn't exist. How you can find it if it's not yet written and what you want is to add the attribute color to 28 element ? As soon as I select 2 elements, there's no way I can add an attribute to 28 elements at once.

I guess this is the trade-off to using a system like CSS (cascading) style sheets, to style web pages. You have to plan ahead of time how you want to style child objects.

If there is no class or attribute available, how about just targeting the elements with css ?

#mynav li > a {
  color: blue;

I was going to suggest the same thing Twinstream already did too. You can easily style an entire area, page, component's contents, etc. by targeting it with an ID in the parent component. That way you can set a class for specifically anything at all. Much simpler than trying to do it piecework.

I really suck at CSS but I will try to learn faster in order to avoid to be myself trapped in some kind of bad situation like that. Thank you guys !

You'll be glad you did @mroussel, you won't be able to use this app fully if you don't so it's definitely a good idea to learn what you can about HTML and CSS so you can be sure your sites are structured correctly and styled more easily. Enjoy the ride, it's quite fun! :)