Change defaut folder names

Hi can you change the names of the default folders? I have sites I have coded by hand and others. Most I have coded I have the Images folder as just img and the JavaScript folder as js. I have parts in my code directed to these root folders like this img/pics/name.png Now I can make a sub folder called pics but I would like to change the parent folder so instead of Images it is named img Can it be done instead of editing the pages I want to import first.

Sorry, the default folders aren't changeable at all. The system that BSS is using is actually the standard setup so it's doing what it should do. You'll need to adjust them on export (which will be messy if you use scripts in BSS) or the better way would be to adjust your scripts and files from your previous setup which would only have to be done once instead of changing exported files every time.

I also wanted to be sure you understood the ramifications of "importing pages". If you do that you won't have the drag and drop capabilities of BSS to work with those pages at all, it will be strictly code based which is actually more frustrating in BSS to do if that's how all your pages will be. A page here and there isn't so bad, but if almost your whole site is imported in, then you will be better off staying out of BSS with it and editing it with your favorite text editor instead.

The best way would be to recreate the site using BSS, and to be honest, I would wait for the next couple versions before doing so because they are going to be doing a major update to Bootstrap 4 and the code is going to change a lot and if you want your site using Bootstrap 4 you'll need to convert it to use it. Might be better to wait for that, it's hopefully not too far down the road here since Bootstrap 4 finally went into Beta. That's the current thing on the devs plate for BSS so I 'm sure they are working diligently to get that implemented.

If it's something you need to get done now though, then I would still redo the site from scratch so you can utilize all the benefits of the drag and drop elements and blocks. Much more fun that way too! Good luck whichever way you go though!

Thanks I think I will have to try and recreate them in BSS. I do have some scripts like javascript files. If I recreate the pages but need the javascript to do some actions will the drag and drop still work with the HTML pages?

yeah you can use your CSS and your JS files from the previous site build. Those files don't affect the drag and drop setup at all. This also helps you get a head start by having your CSS and JS all set to go without having to redo all of that too. Have fun with it, it's pretty cool to recreate a site, I've done a handful of them now because I love BSS so much I want all my client's sites in it so I can just work with that and a handful of external text editors as needed. So far so good! I'm trying hard to allow BSS to be my full editor, and so far so good. I've got about a dozen projects that I've gotten redone so far for clients and so far every one of them is editable on an ongoing basis within BSS. Don't get me wrong, I can code, but why if I don't have to right? lol.

If I need to use some php script I have done for forms do I just edit the html after I export it? I'm the same call me lazy but if I don't have to code so much and it can free up some of my time I will redo all my sites in this. Thanks

You "can" theoretically add your php stuff to your site using BSS, but you won't be able to see anything in it that uses it. You can't import the scripts yet, not sure if they will give us that ability or not, but there are tricks you can use to work around things like this. I have some things that for some reason don't want to work inside BSS that I just reference them in the files as if they "were" in BSS. What I do is:

  1. Upload the files to the server where they will reside for your site. This gives you the ability to reference them for the site when it's uploaded.
  2. Reference the files within BSS by adding the links within the HEAD of either the specfic page it's needed on or the entire site. a. To do this by page just right click on the page name in BSS and choose properties. Now you can edit the Meta tags, or add code to the head of that specific page and anything you add there will affect only that page. b. To do this globally for all pages, click the Settings button at the top of the app and there you can edit the Meta tags or add code to the head of "all" pages. c. By doing this you give yourself the ability to use external CSS, JS, etc. To use CDN's though you can import those to the CSS or JS sections of the Design pane by right clicking on those section titles and choosing Import there, the changes in the HEAD would mostly be for external files you upload to your server manually.

In your case you can upload the PHP files you need to your server and then in BSS reference them with "relative" links in your page(s). You won't see the correct things when you are working on the site, but when it's uploaded you'll have it all ready in place to work. Takes a bit of trial and error at first, but you'll get it all working eventually and then you'll know exactly what you need to do for future things and it won't matter if it works in BSS Preview or not. I have to do this with WowSlider because for some reason it doesn't like me to import the CSS files (I think it's a JS problem looking for CSS files in specific places, not sure), but it works pretty well once you get the hang of it.

Thank you heaps for all your help and the instructions.