Change Font Size of Selected Text in Paragraph

Currently, it is possible to select a different colour for selected text within a paragraph, & even make text sub- or superscript, underlined, bold or italic, but not a different size, which to me would seem to be a logical extension to the current options in order to resize hyperlinks, for example.

Is it possible to implement this soon, please, as not having this specific function is causing me some problems? Thank you very much in anticipation.

This is something that you would really need to do with css.

with your example:

p {font-size: 1rem;}

a {font-size:1.5rem;}

@richards I think he’s talking about being able to change the font size of individual words or groups of words within a sentence/paragraph.

@Tizwoz You can do this easily by dropping a Span component into your text and then sizing it with inline CSS, or using the setting in the Options panel > Text Options > Font size. See below…