Change formatting of price

Right now my store my price is using the American way of formatting price.

Instead of this I want it to be 1.000,00. Is that possible somehow?

This can be done with a localization file. It allows you to fully customize the text and formatting. You can pass a locale of da_DK to change how dates and prices are displayed.

Where in the localization file is the formatting set? Im asuming i can just edit the default to fit. This is the file I found when searching

Can you help I have no idea how to do it.

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The link you send earlier in this topic is correct. You will have to download the en-US.json translation file and translate all text between the " " within the file. Make sure you only change the translations and not the stuff such as pay_on_pickup or billing_name as those are used to define. After you have translated everything you will have to upload your translation file and set your store so it uses the da_DK.json instead of en-US.json file.