Change heading level

To whom it may concern…

At the moment I’m really pissed.
I’ve tried to change the heading level from h1 to h5. No chance. Why the f*** is it forbidden to change the HTML code directly ??
Restrictions where you look. No chance to -really- import existing HTML.
The usability is due to the forced click-orgy really poor.

Reading the forum there seems to be a Take-It or Leave-It mentality for suggestions belonging to import or change HTML code.

I can use the program to test some Ideas but definitly not for building web pages.

A rather disappointed customer.

Wow that’s pretty harsh for something that is so visible in the Options panel I can’t see how you missed it. I will say though that I couldn’t find anything in the Docs that explained it either, but seriously, look around the app a bit, do some tutorials. I don’t understand at all why people think they should just be able to open an app and it will work exactly how they want it to … Can you imagine how many scenarios that would have to be to please everyone?

I’ve been building production sites with this app for over 4 years and I’ve watched it grow immensely. You might find it easier to get help/changes/etc. by asking for help rather than blowing up on the forum.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Jep, you’re right. At least I’ve found the settings in the options panel.
And of course I have to appologize for the harsh tone. But wouldn’t it be a great idea to use tool tips for such scenarios like “Hey you can edit the value there” ? I’m doing professional software development for about 25 years and what i learned is that usability comes first. I feel handcuffed using the programm. Just to name a view restrictions: When i add a class as d-flex to an object via options panel i can’t remove it in the attributes panel. I can use drag drop in the overview panel but not in the html panel. I think that I’m not the only one who wants to import HTML-Code. There are lots of posts in the forum showing that there is a need. For shure there is allway a way doing things with several clicks and scrolling through options and appearances but i would like the program to have a more intuitively approach e.G. use of the context menu. Apparantly it is at it is and I’m going to use the program for testing bootstrap behaviors and use my VS to code the rest.


I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, most of us would love to see many things opened/unlocked/editable(such as directly editing HTML) and so on. I can however say that it’s an awesome app once you get to know it and is fully able to do production sites. Play with it a while and get to know it. There is a lot of good information in the DOCs (accessible via the app or top menu of forums or main site). They aren’t fully inclusive of all things, but are a lot better than they were and a very good place to start learning where things are and how they work.

Unfortunately for you, you’ve stumbled onto a more visual builder than you wanted. I do agree there are definitely things that could use some changes for those of us that are more professional based, but it’s still a great piece of software and truly once you get used to how it works, you’ll find that many times you won’t need to change the HTML directly, there are usually settings to do this for you.

As for the locked classes, they are apparently for the safety of the novice user so they don’t break their sites. It’s not great for us professional users, but I truly haven’t looked back since getting used to using it. In most cases, if you’ve turned it on in the Options/Appearance/Animations tabs, you turn it off there too. The Pros definitely outweigh the Cons on this one.

Take some time and play with it, I think you’ll find it much more robust than you think it is. It’s truly just a matter of us having been used to our coding work mode which is hard to change, but I came from Dreamweaver (fully code sided, hated the visual builder side, it was awful) and this beats that app completely.

Good luck on whatever way you decide to utilize it, and if it’s not a lot, well at least it’s not something you have to pay monthly to use like most editors are so it’s not a total loss of cash there. :slight_smile: