Change image

If you set an image to And rename the image later, the old image doesn't update..

I don't know if its a bugg, and I know its just updating the image, not that hard.

Just tellin tho..

Kind regards, Raba

I think something didn't show up in your post Rabascm, the first line does not say what you're setting it to, can you tell us that please?

One thing about updating things, you always need to remember that in most cases any time you change something you need to click somewhere else in the design, code, etc. and then the update should activate. Just in case that's why it's not doing it for you.

If I change an image inside the bootstrap studio. Not the image itself but the name (rename) it should be cool if all links automatic updating for the new name.

I was just experimenting with BSS (new user) and also see that after renaming an image from the DESIGN block in the bottom right corner, none of the images being used in the website were renamed and had to do it manually for each image.

Is that a bug or me not renaming image in the proper location?


This is not a bug. The program does not support global file renaming, but it has been requested and the devs said they are planning to add it soon.

Good to know. Thank you!