Change Navbar-Toggler and Fullsize Navigation on Hovering

Hello all

I have a problem with de customizing of the navbar. I will do 2 things:

  1. Change Icon of the toggler
    How can i change de tree vertical lines? Is there a special class to change that? and how can i create oder icons, is there da icongenerator anywhere?

  2. Fullwidth Navigation Background
    When i click on these hamburger-icon de Menu will be displayed above. I will know, that de Background of the Menu will show in fullscreen - 100% height und 100% width - and the Menuitems should be vertical aligned center. The Backgroundcolor of these Menu i will colorized with the defaultclasses primary or secondary. Here a visual example:

Can somebody help me?

To answer your first question, just go to the overview panel, expand the Navbar > Navbar Toggle, delete the second span, and drag an icon component into its place. Then you can double click it and change it to any of the many different icons that are available in BSS. I’ve attached an image to illustrate.

The second question is just a matter of writing new CSS classes to replace the stock Bootstrap classes, but you will need to learn CSS to do this. I have no idea what your CSS skill level is. Perhaps another Forum member with more time would be willing to create the the necessary customization for you. I do this sort of work for a living, so it’s not something I can fit in to my “pro bono” schedule right now. Sorry.

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Wow, thanks for your fast reply… It was a good help for me.