Change of location for sources during work: How to do ?


I am a new user of this program which I appreciate, despite some small problems and poor understanding of it.

Among these concerns, there are 2 that come up every time :

  1. When you create a project you have the possibility of saving the project in a .bsdesign file. However, the fact that we cannot see the working files (html, js, css, jpg, png, etc.) confuses me a bit.

  2. While creating the page / site on the application, if I edit a css or js file, it opens the file to me with my editor (vscode) and displays the path where it is located, at namely, in the system temporary directory. Is it possible to change the path where the default working files are stored ? For example, in the folder that contains the .bsdesign file.

Thank you

First, number one is not ever going to change. The app uses a proprietary file and I don't believe there is any plans to change that. So, if you're looking for a main editor for websites rather than a builder/editor then you may want to check out other web builders that do what you need for this. Once exported that's when you get the files you are used to seeing. Once again though, you cannot edit those files outside of BSS and then go back and edit them inside BSS as BSS will not recognize the files you changed, it only reads from it's own design files.

For number 2, that is a pretty obvious "no". The files do not exist outside of BSS, and as you already stated you are editing temporary files, and when saved are saving to the BSS design file. Therefore, since they are not actually existing anywhere until they are exported, it would logically mean that you can't save them to other paths.

I see, thank you for your reply.

If you want to work with the HTML, CSS and JS in their raw format, save as such, etc, take a look at Pinegrow.

Technically, the .bsdesign file is just a zipped file. You can open it with a program like 7zip and then view the contents as a text file.

Yes you can, but ... you cannot edit them and put them back in that "zip" file and rename it back, which a few people did try to figure out a way to do earlier on after it's release. Just wanted to make sure that was clear as well.

I tested Pinegrow a bit, and you're right, it directly allows you to work on web files (therefore non-proprietary format), which makes the software interesting.

However, Pinegrow's interface is quite overloaded and not very user-friendly compared to bootstrap studio. After that, I have not tested it enough to judge its effectiveness in the long term.

Coming back to bootstrap studio, I think I should quickly get used to the idea of getting this file (bsdesign) instead of the base source files.

Thanks for reply.

It works pretty well I think. I've been using it through all of it's feature upgrades for about 4 years or more now and haven't looked back. It does have an export script setup in it if you need to do specific changes on every export so you can utilize that to achieve your needs as well. In the end you always get your base source files to put on your site so it's not like you never get them, it's just that in order to keep using the BSS app to edit them you need to make your changes in BSS.

Having said that, there are a lot of people that are using it to make the base setup of the site and then do the edits with their favorite text editor from there on, so that works as well.