Change text input to textarea


I'm using a Component called 'PHP-Contact Form #dark'. I have my form set up and functioning, but I'd like the message field to be a textarea type.

I can't seem to find a way to alter this, does anyone have an idea as to how I might do this?

Right click on the component and click edit as you will trigger the custom code editor to activate.

You will have to then manually edit the input type for the section want to edit.

Thanks Chris :-)

If anyone reading this is interested this is how I did it: I converted the form item to HTML (custom code) by right-clicking on it in the Overview panel, this then allowed me to right-click on the new Custom Code and Edit Code; which then allowed me to view and edit the code in the Styles panel. I then replaced the code with this:

<textarea id="form_message" name="message" class="form-control" placeholder="Message" rows="4" required="required" data-error="Message is required."></textarea>

(don't forget to click Apply)

Glad you sorted it strapper ?

If you built your form using drag and drop or selected one of the bootstrap studio form component you could easily change the input style in the Right hand options panel too ?