Change the background color of the Bootstrap Studio App

I find the black background of the Bootstrap Studio App itself VERY hard to read. Is there any way to change it to, say, white?

Thanks :-)

Sid B.

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Nope, I would suggest you add a suggestion to the Ideas section, or search for a post that may already exist as there's been a handful of people asking for ways to edit the app defaults.

I, too, am having trouble with a dark background and hyper glowing text. Giving me a strong headache. I desperately need white background !!!

I made the purchase just now, launched the app. And, bam! Straight into Gotham!

Don’t know why it’s considered “cool” to have a black-only UI! Devs should pick up a UI/UX design text book!

Anyway, I opened a similar topic in the forum. I also sent a mail to the devs, directly through the support link. I suggest that everybody who needs the option to switch away from this brooding dark UI to something brigher (and cheery) should also send such requests to the devs directly to their mail.

If they get a decent number of such mails then they’ll realise the need for this ‘feature’, hopefully.

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I responded to your other post on the issue. There’s no need to post the same complaint multiple times.

Why not! It doesn’t seem to be riling anyone in charge, atleast since August 2017 – the oldest such post that I could dredge up.

When complaints made in one corner are consigned to the virtual ‘trash can’ repetition is the key to getting heard.

I realize you’re new here, so let me explain…

We don’t spam the forum because it’s a user forum. There are no admins, moderators or official rules. And while the developers do check the forums every few days, it can be sporadic. You may not see them for 4-5 days, or you might see them every day. I would imagine they are more focused on development of the program then moderating the forum (which may not be ideal, but it is what it is.)

Also, they do not respond on weekends. There is no online chat support, or phone support, so this Forum is all we’ve got. It’s our best resource for help, and that’s what we do here - help each other. Consequently, we all try our best to be polite and behave. Ergo, it’s sort of an unwritten… agreement… amongst those of us who do the most posting here that spamming the Forum is impolite, unhelpful, and generally frowned upon. But if you wish to do it, nobody will stop you. It’s just not going to get your issue addressed any faster - that I can promise you.

Bootstrap Studio is not Adobe or Microsoft. It’s a small, very dedicated, passionate, and responsive team of developers who probably listen more to their users than any other software company I’ve ever encountered in my 40-plus years of using computers. They have incorporated at least 10 suggestions I’ve made over the last two years. This is practically unheard of. Adobe, in contrast, ignored a bug in Illustrator that I reported every few months for over 10 years.

Bootstrap Studio is also one of the best “bang for your buck” programs you will ever find. Virtually every website builder out there has gone to an annual subscription model, they charge extra for features like being able to export your code (if they even allow it), or build unlimited websites. Most are cloud-based, which means if your internet goes down, you cannot work on your websites. And I don’t know of any that give you free website hosting, free forms, and lifetime upgrades for a flat rate.

It definitely lacks some features that I would like… it has very limited multi-monitor support, it doesn’t save your workspace, it doesn’t have built-in FTP, it doesn’t support any back-end features, it doesn’t currently do e-commerce (but they are planning to add this) and (at the moment) the UI color is not customizable.

But it does get upgraded with considerably frequency, and most every upgrade adds some feature(s) requested by us here in the Forum. So my suggestion is be patient, take some time to read the Forum posts, and get to know those of us who are considered “regulars” here, because chances are if (or when) you encounter a speed bump in using the program, we are the ones who will help you first, and fastest.

So to sum up… just be nice. You’ll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. :wink:

That pretty much sums up what I would say too, but let me add why I don’t like multiple posters. I browse the forums many times a day checking for new posts. When I see 2 new posts and they are the same thing … that takes my time away from something else, basically a time waster and only because I’m going to bet most people have the forums set like I do where they see new posts no matter what forum they are in by watching All Categories rather than select ones. So as PN said, it doesn’t get you more help any faster or more attention, but will most likely frustrate people having to waste time reading something they just read. That’s about all it does to me anyways :stuck_out_tongue: