Change the content of tab

First of all congratulations for your software.
I created a project where I inserted a Card With Tab Navigation
By default It presented 3 tabs, I added an extra tab, and edited the html so that the links are working, so far so good. Tested it on the preview and all the links are working correctly.
However now how can I open the second tab inside the bootstrapstudio in order to edit the content of the second tab, drag an image etc. Only the first tab is showing in the editor

Thank you

Presuming the second tab is meant to take you to a different page, you need to create a new page (or copy your existing page and rename it) and then using the Options panel, set the target of your tab to the URL of your new page.

You create a new page by going to the top menu and choosing File > New Page or going to the bottom right Design tab and right clicking the word Pages and choosing New Page.

Also keep in mind that if you plan to have the same tabbed navigation on your your pages, you will want to copy and paste it as a linked component, so that way you don’t have to recreate it on each page, and when it is linked, any change you make to it on one page will automatically be done to the component wherever else it appears.

Read the tutorials thoroughly and watch all the videos to save yourself headaches down the road.

Tried with the tabbed panel component and it works. Thank you