Change the highlight color behind text when editing white text on a blue background

This may seem trivial, but it’s a somewhat annoying quirk that I think should be easy for the devs to fix.

In the below image, I’ve created three identical paragraphs, and two of them have the background color set to Bootstrap’s default primary color (blue.) The first two paragraphs use black text, while the third uses white text.

In each paragraph, I’ve double-clicked the text to edit it, and highlighted the letters “graph” in “paragraph.” As you can see, when you highlight text, BSS changes the text color to white, and uses the same blue as Bootstrap’s default primary blue to highlight the background behind the text. This becomes an issue when the text is white and the background is set to Primary, because you cannot see the highlighted text.

I would suggest the devs change the highlight effect color to something other than blue in cases where the text is white on a blue background.

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Maybe what would be better would be an option for hightlight color in the settings. I would think it would be a lot easier that having the program constantly trying to work out what the background color is evertime something is clicked. Also it wouldn’t be just the background of the element, but anything that it is wrapped in. ie. <section><container><row><column><p> gives five possible elements to check.

Thank you for the suggestion! We will look into making the selection color adapt to the element’s background.

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Actually, I’d prefer that the program do the heavy lifting here specifically because there are so many potential combinations. I believe it’s just a matter of the software detecting the contrast between the text and background, and then using an inverse of the color (or shade in grayscale cases) for the background highlight color. Text editing, desktop publishing and design programs like Photoshop seem to do this automatically with no problem.

@martin Just giving this suggestion a bump. I realize it’s a rather trivial gripe, but if it’s a simple fix, it would be very much appreciated. I have many websites with white text on the Primary blue background.

@martin Giving this another bump. It’s something I’m constantly encountering when editing text on my sites. Need to fix it so highlighted white text on a blue (primary) background isn’t highlighted in blue.

Thank you for the bump! We will fix this in our next update.